At Floorcorp Solutions we have dedicated ourselves to superior service. As a one stop floor coverings and toppings specialist, I have made it my mission to make sure my clients are informed as to the products and installation techniques that will best suit each project.

It has been my experience that in most cases customers have not been informed of all the costs associated with their projects. This is often because the sales personnel have no experience in the field.

As an experienced floor coverings specialist with 24 years of experience, my clients are informed of the costs up front and therefore are not surprised with a bill they were not expecting upon completion of their projects, which allows them to accurately budget for their floor coverings.

As my clients will be dealing with the owner/operator right from the sale of products to the finish of installation, I can insure a successful outcome of any flooring project.

My name is Chad Olson, owner/operator of Floorcorp Solutions Inc, and I am looking forward to working with you on your floor coverings project!

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